My brother Lloyd and I (Allan) have always felt our customers are the best . . . and we’ve treated them accordingly by providing personal service and quality workmanship.  (Myself and Lloyd respectively are in the back row to the far right, and we are sharing this photo with our wifes, our brother and sister, as well as, their spouces)

Our appreciation for our customers was instilled in us by our father William.  William, a shingler by trade, set an example of honest work.  As soon as we were strong enough to hold a hammer we'd work right alongside our father.  It was in the late 1950’s that we started Boone Brothers Roofing, as we also realized commercial roofing would be our niche and for the last 50 years Boone Brothers Roofing has consistently grown keeping up with the latest practices in commercial / industrial roofing.

Key Moments in our History

Lloyd started his roofing company in 1958 employing one or two shinglers.  A year later I joined him and we became ‘Boone Brothers Roofing.’  Our company quickly grew to a dozen men.

One of our first pivotal jobs where we gained some local recognition came in 1963 when ‘Griffin Pipe Company’ had an explosion shutting down their operation.  They needed their business back up and running as soon as possible.  We contracted the job working 40 straight, 14 hour days, including the day the President (Pres. Kennedy) was assassinated, as well as, Thanksgiving.

In the mid-1960’s an apartment boom hit the Omaha area with the structures going up so fast that we were putting on roofs as quickly as we possibly could to keep the weather from damaging their structures.  Today, these buildings still house thousands of Omahans.

In the 70's several shopping centers were large, nice, prime construction projects in Omaha and Council Bluffs area, and we were fortunate enough to work on several of them. 

The oil crisis of the mid-70’s caused problems because of the roofing industries reliance on oil based products.  Some roofing companies would bid on projects and then when the price of the petroleum-based supplies went up some would, and some wouldn't honor their bids – we honored ours and just kept on working, gaining a reputation for hard work, quality workmanship and reliability which in turn brought more challenges, including schools, distribution centers, universities, libraries and correctional facilities.

The 80’s included our first million-dollar roofing project for Fruehauf, as well as, many roofing projects at Offutt Air Force Base.

Also in the 80's my son Ronald opened Boone Brothers Roofing in the Kansas City Area.

In 2001 Ron and Rich (another son), became the principal operators of the company, purchasing the majority of ownership, as they continue to operate the company as our family business blessed with several employees who have spent their entire careers with us, as well as, many others who have been with us for a very long time.   They along with their brother Matt have grown up in and around the business. 

Rodney Hughes joined us in 2002, opening up Boone Brothers of Sioux City, Iowa.

Currently the dominant part of Boone Brother’s work is in the Omaha and Kansas City areas, but we have completed projects in Virginia, Ohio, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Oklahoma. 

We, Boone Brothers, have come a long way from our first shingling jobs.  Today, we work with sheetmetal, tile, slate, and all systems of low slope roofing.  The tradition of giving quality service to each and every customer is what it is still all about, and our customers are still the best.  We have not forgotten what we were taught about work, working smart, with personal service, keeping up with the latest practices, all while working towards passing the tradition to our children and to our family of employees.  No matter what type of roof is needed you can be assured we have the capability to handle the job.