Architectural Sheet-metal Flashings & Trim



Wherever trim is installed in a roofing system commonly one of two things have occured, a roofing system has been terminated, or there has been a change in the slope or profile of a roof or wall.  Correctly designed and installed detail work is imperative to the systems long term success.  It is in these areas of a roofing system where our fifty-years of experience in both design and workmanship pays off.  Besides fabricating the correct metal profile and knowing how to fit it into the system, knowing the proper sealants, underlayment and type of fasteners required makes the job.  Expansion & contraction, water condensation, correct sealing detailing, reglet applications, the height of the roofing termination from the roof's surface or staying below the walls weep holes are just a few of the considerations which will guarantee the success or failure of your roofing system all dependent upon the experience of your installer.




The proper equipment is essential in just being able to start.  We have computerized brakes, finger brakes, slitters, cutters, roll formers, power hand tools, hand tools, in all three locations.  Our men are equiped with the proper tools for the right applications, all of which is overseen by our sheetmetal superintendents. 


Our sheetmetal departments are soley devoted to sheetmetal work and to quality installations.  Boone Brothers has employed men their entire careers (to which we are grateful).  Currently we have several men who have been with us thirty-plus years and are still going strong.



Gutters, downspouts, collector heads, scuppers, counterflashings, expansion joints, drip pans, grease pans, column covers, sills, window flashings, we fabricate and install thousands of lineal feet of customized sheetmetal components every day, at least five days a week, for fifty-plus years and counting.