Metal Roofing Systems


Metal Roofing:

Metal roof panels start with the traditional corrugated, exposed fastener panel that has been updated with today's designs and finishes.  Kynar baked on finishes (in all colors) with twenty to thirty year warrantees coupled with modern consealed fastener panel profiles have allow metal roofing to be accepted as a common attractive feature on all types of buildings.

Metal roof panels are offered in profiles formed to fit convexed, concaved or tapered roof surfaces.  Rib profiles are offered in a variety of types and sizes, including batten-caps, snap-lock, intergal interlocking and machine seamed ribs. 

There are different requirements based on the actual slope of the building.  Low slope roofs require more stringent designs than do roofs with steeper slopes.  Low slopes retain snow and ice which freezes and thaws, damming or backing up water, where as steeper slopes shed moisture quickly.  Rolled seams, rolled seams with sealant, snap seams with sealant, tall seams with sealant all aid in keeping the moisture from penetrating the seams, especially in low slope applications. 

As in all water shedding roofing systems a good underlayment is essential to the performance of a metal roofing system.  Manufacturers warranting their roofing products and systems require specific types of underlayment for specific applications of their product.  Panels are also designed differently if they are to be attached structurally (to structural components) or if they are going to be installed over a solid substrate.

Metal roof systems also can qualify for fire-ratings as well as uplift ratings if and when required.  Product assemblies can be warranted for finish and/or water-tightness.

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