Steep Slope


Steep Slope Roofing:

Boone Brothers specializes in multi-use, commercial and industrial roofing, offering several different types of products to choose from when considering what type of roofing can be installed on a steep roof slope.  A 4-inch rise (or greater) in 12-inches of horizontal run is generally considered a steep slope.  The criteria for choosing the type of steep slope roofing system depends on your roof's slope, as well as, the amount of weight your structure can support.  It is important to understand shingling depends on moisture being passed down from one roofing unit on to the next until the moisture has been shedded to the drainage system.  Metal roofing can be installed on slopes much less than a 4" in 12" rise because the system, the components, mainly the panels are fitted tightly together (although it is still not considered waterproofing), where as slate and tile roofing systems are much less fitted together as they are overlapped in rows with each unit open on all sides.  A roofing system such as slate or tile installed over lower slopes, like a 4" in 12" rise, have a greater dependence on the underlayment (felt or ice & watershield) install below it.  A good underlayment, knowing what is the right underlayment for your project is essential to any water shedding roofing system.  The underlayment is the second layer of protection, and during driving rains the underlayment can be the only thing that keeps all of the moisture out.  Underlayments also provide additional protection from condensation as well as keeping vapors from passing through your roofing system.


  • Metal Standing Seam and Arcitectural Sheet-Metal Roofing
  • Slate
  • Tile & Concrete Tile
  • Ashalt Shingles