RCCS (Insurance)

Boone Brothers Roofing is a partnered member of the Roofing Contractors Committed to Safety (RCCS) Insurance Company.  Together, in 2004, Boone Brothers Roofing along with twenty-five of the top roofing contractors in the country came together as founding members to form a captive insurance company committed to quality and safety in a continuing effort to take roofing safety to the next level.  It is important to state the commitment to safety and loss control that members must demonstrate prior to their acceptance into our alternative insurance program.  The Best Practice Standards have been developed by the members to ensure employee participation remains a key component of the company’s safety culture developement.  

We as members of the RCCS Insurance Company are evaluated from three independent perspectives.  First we must fit into stringent underwriting guidelines, then we are evaluated on a seven year rolling average to ensure there is a consistent trend in low loss frequency and severity, and finally we are visited regularly by an outside safety management firm that conducts comprehensive safety and risk controls that focuses on our attitude and commitment to safety, as well as, random jobsite safety inspections.

Operating as our own insurance company, we, the members of RCCS, which stands for Roofing Contractors Committed to Safety, have been able to select our own service providers, which includes Hettrick, Cyr & Associates for safety and risk control services, Gallagher Bassett for claims management, Attorney Steven Phillips for contractual language review, and CNA as their reinsurance and underwriting partner.  However, the true success of the insurance captive program is achieved through the active participation of the actual workers themselves, working towards a safer environment for themselves.