Evaluations / Inspections

Regular inspections are key to an aggressive roof maintenance program.  Boone Brothers Roofing provides evaluations and inspections to assist our clients with problem prevention.


While your roof is new...

Manufacturer's warranties require regular inspections to guarantee coverage.

When the roof is a few years old...
Potential problems are identified and solved before major expenses are incurred.

Before the warranty expires...
Correction of defects may lengthen the life of the roof and prolong the need for a new roof system.

High Severity Defects:

Roof is open and needs to be repaired immediately.

Medium Severity:

Defect has potential for damage but repairs can be deferred for a variety of reasons. Repairs should be performed soon.

Low Severity:

Defect may reveal poor design or poor installation. Correction may not be possible until roof is replaced. These defects should be considered when re-roofing is planned.


What ages a roof?

Exposure to the elements:

Sun, water, wind, ice and snow - over time, elements deteriorate your roof. Damage is most typical at protrusions and perimeter terminations.

Waiting to repair damage:

Water damage to insulation spreads across large portions of roofs.

Adding or servicing rooftop equipment:

Punctures or improperly sealed HVAC equipment can expose the roof to water damage.

Vegetation Growth:

Tree branches sweeping the roof in high winds, algae growth from standing water... any plant life can be damaging to your roof.

Blocked drains or gutters:

These can result in standing water, adding extra stress on seams and added weight to the deck.

Forgetting about roof maintenance:

Perhaps the number one cause of premature roof failure.