Repairs / Maintenance

Boone Brothers Roofing  knows the importance of efficient maintenance for every commercial, industrial and government building.  Our roof systems are well-designed, installed per specifications and warranted by the materials' manufacturers.

Scheduled Roof Maintenance Service

  • Customized programs for your facility to repair roof systems on a proactive schedule determined by you.
  • Our Roof Technicians inspect, identify and anticipate potential roof problems before they occur.
  • Low-cost maintenance performed to protect your high cost investment.

Following installation, your roof and accessories will be examined by trained Boone Brothers Roofing personnel for damage and adherance to warranties.  Your business, your roof and your complete satisfaction are number one to us.  When emergencies arise, Boone Brothers is committed to a responsive action.

Your roof problems will be quickly assessed and correctly resolved. And when your roof's life expectancy reaches its conclusion and re-roofing becomes necessary, we are confident that our partnership will continue throughout your roof's next lifetime.

Our service division is fully staffed and designated for service only. Service crews are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Roof evaluations and maintenance agreements are detailed and thorough.


Our full-time Service Department quickly responds to leak calls.  Teams of experienced technicians in fully equipped trucks using standardized repair procedures minimize time spent finding and repairing leaks.  Efficiency means lower costs for you.

Repairs are done according to the manufacturer's specs and industry standards.  Boone Brothers Roofing shares longtime affiliations with recognized, respected trade associations and with fifty years of experience if it can be fixed we can fix it for you. 

Our service team provides roof diagrams illustrating where your leak occured with pictures to help explain the service we provided.  Our clear invoicing explains and documents the cost of your repairs.

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Consistent maintenance extends the life of your existing roof.  Our goal is to provide maximum service for the least possible cost.  Keeping your downspouts clear and correcting your high-severity defects will add years to your roof's life.

Adopt a preventative maintenance program upon installation.  Industry experts recommend a building owner budgeting a minimum of $.05 per square foot of roof per year for proper maintenance.

Many roofing contractors do not outlast the service life of the roofs they install. Boone Brothers Roofing is a proven-reliable company, established in 1958.  Boone Brothers offers customers dependability and experience.

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