Boone Brothers Roofing has been one of the premier roofing contractors in the Midwest for over fifty years. Personal service and low employee turnover are two of the key factors in the continuing success of our company, along with a reputation for quality work.  Boone Brothers has a solid reputation for being responsible, reliable and trustworthy.

Project foremen supervise each job and are always accessible to clients. Our low employee turnover has created an experienced workforce (including third generation family members) as well as a multi-talented work force (our foreman and journeymen have installed different types of roofing systems over and over).

Boone Brothers Roofing is committed to providing the highest possible standards of quality and safety. The same dedication that goes into providing our clients with the finest roofing system available also insures that all work is performed under strict safety guidelines.

All employees are thoroughly trained in our Safety and Health Program about fall protection, product safety, personal protective equipment and other issues related to the worker welfare. Providing a safe work environment is a top priority for all Boone Brothers employees.