Service & Maintenance

What we do.

Repairs / Maintenance - Our service department’s roof technicians are devoted to service and maintenance day in day out. Quickly dispatched, we can have one of our service crews repairing your leak before more damage occurs restoring your roof to good working condition. Small leaks left unattended – more often than not – are the beginnings of serious decay within the structure of a building’s roof. The least expensive time to fix a roof leak is as soon as it is found.

Evaluations and Inspections – Having a good maintenance plan can add years to the life of your roof. Our service department will help you maintain your roof by inspecting and repairing minor defects found during routine preplanned roof inspections before problems occur.

Boone Brothers Roofing is licensed with all the major roofing manufacturers. Manufacturers recommend that roof inspections be made annually and even more often if your roof is under constant pressure from extreme weather, foot traffic, trees, or any other pressure that is constantly testing/beating upon your roofing system. Having a good quality roofing contractor inspect your roof then immediately attending to any defects found will save money by avoiding any future damage, as well as, saving your time by limiting what needs to be repaired.

Also, know who is servicing your roof. Improper installation of additional roof penetrations, additional roof equipment or improper repairs made by unlicensed contractors will void manufacturer’s roof warranties until all damage parts have been replaced and all roofing details are installed correctly per the manufacturer warranting your roof. Know your manufacturer’s requirements, or trust us to know your manufacturer’s roofing details and requirements.

What can building owners do to prolong the life of the roof system?

• Control any and all access to your roof.
• Where pedestrian traffic is required have walkways installed.
• On Ballasted roofs, return displaced aggregate to its original position.
• Regularly inspection your roof’s drainage system so that it is clear of clogs.
• Clean debris and trim overhanging branches away from your roof.
• Make timely repairs; inspect your roof regularly.

Your inspection includes:

• Interior inspection to find leak origins.
• Locating leaks, tears, punctures or loose flashings.
• Inspecting the roof’s drainage pattern; how does your roof drain, does it retain water?
• Inspecting your roof for deterioration from oils, grease, weeds
• Inspecting all roof flashings (expansion joints, roof penetrations, perimeter flashings)
• And believe it or not firecrackers, broken bottles, rocks etc . . .

Your roof takes a beating just from the weather alone. Let us help you resolve your current problems as well as protect you from future concerns but when it is time to replace your roof we won't let you spend money on repairs if that money will be wasted. Boone Brothers has a fully capable contracting department, one of the best in the Midwest for 50-years plus.

Emergency Services – Our team is on call - 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. A fully equipped service department ready to respond to any roof emergency, any time, just call:

24 Hour Response # - (402) 510-7830
Kansas City - Jeff Vanderpool (913) 915-7326
Omaha - Ryan Schreck (402) 510-4975; Joesph Safranek (402) 510-4995
Sioux City - Dave McConnell (712) 277-2103

Emergency Services

Emergency Services - Boone Brothers Roofing is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call one of our three locations right away to speak with a professional.

Kansas City (Jeff Vanderpool) (913) 915-7326
Omaha (Ryan Schreck; Joe Safranek) (402) 510-4975; 510-4995
Sioux City (Rodney Hughes) (712) 277-2103

To submit warranty claims, call the product manufacturer directly. Please be sure to have your warranty number ready for the operator.

Evaluations / Inspections

Regular inspections are key to an aggressive roof maintenance program. Boone Brothers Roofing provides evaluations and inspections to assist our clients with problem prevention.

While your roof is new... Manufacturer's warranties require regular inspections to guarantee coverage.

When the roof is a few years old... Potential problems are identified and solved before major expenses are incurred.

Before the warranty expires... Correction of defects may lengthen the life of the roof and prolong the need for a new roof system.

High Severity Defects: Roof is open and needs to be repaired immediately.

Medium Severity: Defect has potential for damage but repairs can be deferred for a variety of reasons. Repairs should be performed soon.

Low Severity: Defect may reveal poor design or poor installation. Correction may not be possible until roof is replaced. These defects should be considered when re-roofing is planned.


What ages a roof?

Exposure to the elements: Sun, water, wind, ice and snow - over time, elements deteriorate your roof. Damage is most typical at protrusions and perimeter terminations.

Waiting to repair damage: Water damage to insulation spreads across large portions of roofs.

Adding or servicing rooftop equipment: Punctures or improperly sealed HVAC equipment can expose the roof to water damage.

Vegetation Growth: Tree branches sweeping the roof in high winds, algae growth from standing water... any plant life can be damaging to your roof.

Blocked drains or gutters: These can result in standing water, adding extra stress on seams and added weight to the deck.

Forgetting about roof maintenance: Perhaps the number one cause of premature roof failure.

Repairs & Maintenance

Boone Brothers Roofing knows the importance of efficient maintenance for every commercial, industrial and government building. Our roof systems are well-designed, installed per specifications and warranted by the materials' manufacturers.

Scheduled Roof Maintenance Service

  • Customized programs for your facility to repair roof systems on a proactive schedule determined by you.

  • Our Roof Technicians inspect, identify and anticipate potential roof problems before they occur.

  • Low-cost maintenance performed to protect your high cost investment.

Following installation, your roof and accessories will be examined by trained Boone Brothers Roofing personnel for damage and adherance to warranties. Your business, your roof and your complete satisfaction are number one to us. When emergencies arise, Boone Brothers is committed to a responsive action.

Your roof problems will be quickly assessed and correctly resolved. And when your roof's life expectancy reaches its conclusion and re-roofing becomes necessary, we are confident that our partnership will continue throughout your roof's next lifetime.

Our service division is fully staffed and designated for service only. Service crews are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Roof evaluations and maintenance agreements are detailed and thorough.


Our Full-Time Service Department quickly responds to leak calls. Teams of experienced technicians in fully equipped trucks using standardized repair procedures minimize time spent finding and repairing leaks. Efficiency means lower costs for you.

Repairs are done according to the manufacturer's specs and industry standards. Boone Brothers Roofing shares longtime affiliations with recognized, respected trade associations and with fifty years of experience if it can be fixed we can fix it for you.

Our service team provides roof diagrams illustrating where your leak occured with pictures to help explain the service we provided. Our clear invoicing explains and documents the cost of your repairs.

Fill out a free Estimate Request form or Email for more information.


Consistent Maintenance extends the life of your existing roof. Our goal is to provide maximum service for the least possible cost. Keeping your downspouts clear and correcting your high-severity defects will add years to your roof's life.

Adopt a preventative maintenance program upon installation. Industry experts recommend a building owner budgeting a minimum of $.05 per square foot of roof per year for proper maintenance.

Many roofing contractors do not outlast the service life of the roofs they install. Boone Brothers Roofing is a proven-reliable company, established in 1958. Boone Brothers offers customers dependability and experience.

Get a free Re-Roof quote! Boone Brothers replaces all types of commercial roofs.


Boone Brothers is partner member of RoofConnect.

RoofConnect is the leading 'national' roofing, waterproofing and sheetmetal service provider to organizations with multiple facilities in different locations in the country. We provide a congruent, single source working force across the entire United States of America for organizations with multiple locations. Our partner members have been chosen based on their reputations within the roofing / waterproofing industry (known by trade organizations, manufacturer's qualifications, and our quality and reliance of work over the years).

Every RoofConnect member promises comprehensive and lasting solutions to your roofing needs. For nation wide service, repair, maintenance, emergency service, roof restoration, historic renovation, solar or green energy solutions, RoofConnect was and is designed exclusively with that in mind. We have the resources, experience, and commitment to get the job done right. Our partner members are based in the regions where they serve. Our reputations are based on the trusted, quality work that have and continue to provide.

Your service request is handled by our customer service representative. Your work order is dispatched to the RoofConnect contractor located in your service area. Your RoofConnect customer service representative will report an estimated time of arrival for the service call. The local site manager is contacted with an estimated time of arrival. The work is performed in accodance to top quality standards. A Work Summary Report/Findings will be provided to the client and the work order is finalized. Our customer service department never closes. RoofConnect has emergency response coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you have roof concerns in different locations across the nation one call to RoofConnect is the only call you need to make. One call offers a seamless client experience for building managers with facilities in different locations to solve your roofing needs.

Please contact Boone Brothers Roofing should you need this type of service.