Metal Systems

Metal Products

Metal Products have become common, distinct and attractive exterior finishes on both residential and commercial projects since its earlier applications as inexpensive easy installations to cover aging agricultural buildings and as low cost shell coverings for large industrial buildings. Metal Roof Panels, Wall Panels, Soffit Panels and their Trim are now a leading modern solution for long term durability, low maintenance performance, and state of the art design. The developement of modern panel designs and installation methods have driven them into the present architectural age, advancing their future development to meet any architectural concept or specification required with uses on any type of commercial or industrial building.

Metal products are available in a variety of gauges, types and finishes; including aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized and stainless steel. Kynar finishes come with standard twenty to thirty year no-fade guaranteed performance offered in a spectrum of colors, to polished metal finishes, or pre-patinated copper. Metal roof panels, wall panels and/or flashings can receive weather-tight warranties based on their specific design.

Accessories Include: Gutters, Downspouts, Conductor Heads, Column Covers, Sunshades for storefronts, windows and clerestories. Snowbar and iceguard systems installed on metal roofs to protect pedestians from falling snow or ice at building entrances or on sidewalks below.

Boone Brothers Roofing offers Fifty plus years of sheet metal experience. We can offer a complete project furnished to you by one installer, one point of contact on proven warranted products and systems.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Panels start with the traditional corrugated, exposed fastener panel that has been updated with today's designs and finishes. Kynar baked on finishes (in all colors) with twenty to thirty year warrantees coupled with modern consealed fastener panel profiles have allow metal roofing to be accepted as a common attractive feature on all types of buildings.

Metal roof panels are offered in profiles formed to fit convexed, concaved or tapered roof surfaces. Rib profiles are offered in a variety of types and sizes, including batten-caps, snap-lock, intergal interlocking and machine seamed ribs.

There are different requirements based on the actual slope of the building. Low slope roofs require more stringent designs than do roofs with steeper slopes. Low slopes retain snow and ice which freezes and thaws, damming or backing up water, where as steeper slopes shed moisture quickly. Rolled seams, rolled seams with sealant, snap seams with sealant, tall seams with sealant all aid in keeping the moisture from penetrating the seams, especially in low slope applications.

As in all water shedding roofing systems a good underlayment is essential to the performance of a metal roofing system. Manufacturers warranting their roofing products and systems require specific types of underlayment for specific applications of their product. Panels are also designed differently if they are to be attached structurally (to structural components) or if they are going to be installed over a solid substrate.

Metal Roof Systems also can qualify for fire-ratings as well as uplift ratings if and when required. Product assemblies can be warranted for finish and/or water-tightness.

Contact us for more information regarding what type of metal roofing system will work for you.

Wall Panel Systems

Metal Wall Panels have been researched, tested, and developed for a variety of performance applications and aesthetic impacts. Wall panels perform many funtions like screen walls that hide mechanical equipment, to rain screens designed to allow walls to breathe while still providing a weather-tight wall system cover. Insulated wall panels are manufactured to create a high-definition appearance with thermal resistance in architecturlly appealing compositions.


Contact us and let us show you the impact and benefits metal wall panels can provide.

Architectural Sheet-Metal Flashings & Trim

Sheet-Metal Trim - Wherever trim is installed in a roofing system commonly one of two things have occured, a roofing system has been terminated, or there has been a change in the slope or profile of a roof or wall. Correctly designed and installed detail work is imperative to the systems long term success. It is in these areas of a roofing system where our fifty-years of experience in both design and workmanship pays off. Besides fabricating the correct metal profile and knowing how to fit it into the system, knowing the proper sealants, underlayment and type of fasteners required makes the job.

Expansion & contraction, water condensation, correct sealing detailing, reglet applications, the height of the roofing termination from the roof's surface or staying below the walls weep holes are just a few of the considerations which will guarantee the success or failure of your roofing system all dependent upon the experience of your installer.

Proper Equipment - The proper equipment is essential in just being able to start. We have computerized brakes, finger brakes, slitters, cutters, roll formers, power hand tools, hand tools, in all three locations. Our men are equiped with the proper tools for the right applications, all of which is overseen by our sheetmetal superintendents.

Tradesmen/Craftsman - Our sheetmetal departments are soley devoted to sheetmetal work and to quality installations. Boone Brothers has employed men their entire careers (to which we are grateful). Currently we have several men who have been with us thirty-plus years and are still going strong.

Profiles - Gutters, downspouts, collector heads, scuppers, counterflashings, expansion joints, drip pans, grease pans, column covers, sills, window flashings, we fabricate and install thousands of lineal feet of customized sheetmetal components every day, at least five days a week, for fifty-plus years and counting.

Specialty Items

Other aesthetically pleasing and functional accessories we provide when considering full building packages are Sunshades for Storefront and Clerestory Windows, Screen Walls designed to hide unattractive roof top AC units, to Snow guards and Snow bars with Iceguards for Metal Standing Seam, Tile, Slate and Sloped PVC and TPO Roofs to protect gutters, property and pedestian traffic below.

Canopies for entrances add value and break up large plain surfaces offering comfortable enviroments to visiting customers. Canopies at loading docks provide safe work areas for employees. Covering aging soffits and fascias with modern prefinished metal cladding helps return the luster back to your building's exterior appearance. Cladding signs, Ornamental Metalwork all add to your buildings appeal.

Boone Brothers is in the business of renovating historical buildings with the same like kind detailing. You do not have to replace your roof to provide value to your existing building.