Boone Brothers  offers its employees a competitive benefits package:

Health Insurance -

Boone Brothers Roofing's insurance program is excellent and includes low co-pays and deductibles.  We strive every year to compile the best possible insurance coverage for employees and their family.

Life Insurance -

Boone Brothers Roofing offers a $25,000 life insurance policy to all employees who participate in the health insurance program at no cost to the employee.

Dental Insurance -

Boone Brothers has a dental insurance program that is offered to employees and their dependants for a low premium rate.

401K Retirement -

Boone Brothers Roofing offers 401K accounts to their employees after 1 year of employment.  Employees can deposit 1% to 16% of their gross pay and Boone Brothers Roofing will match half of their employees' deposits up to 6%.