Metal Systems

Metal products have become common, distinct and attractive exterior finishes on both residential and commercial projects since its earlier applications as inexpensive easy installations to cover aging agricultural buildings and as low cost shell coverings for large industrial buildings.  Metal Roof Panels, Wall Panels, Soffit Panels and their Trim are now a leading modern solution for long term durability, low maintenance performance, and state of the art design.  The developement of modern panel designs and installation methods have driven them into the present architectural age, advancing their future development to meet any architectural concept or specification required with uses on any type of commercial or industrial building.

Metal products are available in a variety of gauges, types and finishes; including aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized and stainless steel.  Kynar finishes come with standard twenty to thirty year no-fade guaranteed performance offered in a spectrum of colors, to polished metal finishes, or pre-patinated copper. 

Metal roof panels, wall panels and/or flashings can receive weather-tight warranties based on their specific design.

Accessories include:  Gutters, Downspouts, Conductor Heads, Column Covers, Sunshades for storefronts, windows and clerestories.  Snowbar and iceguard systems installed on metal roofs to protect pedestians from falling snow or ice at building entrances or on sidewalks below. 

Boone Brothers Roofing offers Fifty plus years of sheet metal experience.  We can offer a complete project furnished to you by one installer, one point of contact on proven warranted products and systems.