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Boone Brothers Roofing is committed to the highest standards of safety performance possible.  An organized and effective safety program is developed for each job location.  We comply with all federal and state safety regulations.  Helping us do this is our full-time Safety Director who uses a written, comprehensive safety program.  We test for drugs before hiring and enforce a zero tolerance substance abuse policy.  Safety is everyone's responsibility, and providing a safe work environment is a priority for everyone in our company, as well as those we work with.  We all must take ownership in safety and support our goal of "Zero Incidents" in the workplace.  As a condition of employment, each employee must consistently perform their duties in a safe manner.  Boone Brothers Roofing is a partnered member of the Roofing Contractors Committed to Safety (RCCS) Insurance Company.  Ever evolving, different for every job, safety is an everyday, every moment event.